Alfa App Recensioni

The sound at startup cannot be disabled, please fix it, thank you

Need to switch off the sound at startup. I cannot disable sound at startup, when relaunching the app, the sound at startup is turned on. Please remove animation for current consumption in Bills and in app launching. Thank you

Shame on you

Not working since many months for everyone and you haven’t bothered fixing it?

Not working at all

Since the ios 11 update, this app hasn’t been working at all. Please, install an update as soon as possible.

Not launching

The app isn't even launching on my iPhone 6. It crashes all the time.

Total failure

This app used to be really helpful, now it won't even display "my bill" or "line services" options. It's almost like no one told Alfa that they need to keep updating their app as new versions of iOS come out. Sorry Alfa, I'm a loyal customer but your app needs improvement badly.

Worst app ever

This application never works. Shameful that they can't hire someone to help develop the app it's not rocket science these days...MTC rocks at it

Apple watch

Apple watch extension please. Thank you


Please fix the bug in the app view for iphone

Bad version

IPhone 5s app is crashing too Plz fix

Crashes everytime

I have an iphone 5 and the new update 3.0.2 crashes everytime I open the app. It doesn't even open actually!


Cant recharge lines from it anymore, it has a bug, when trying to select any payment package there's no way to submit it. Useless app

Not working

Can't retrieve any info and crashes all the time

iPhone 6

Please update for iPhone 6, I can't send free sms

Looking forward

Im looking forward to this app , and i hope we can push it to the better place . Thanks


Outstanding innovation on our part!

Works Good!

Good Application! But Need Some fix

Needs a lot of improvement

First off, as another user mentioned, you cannot enter a date of birth in the past. All dates previous to the current date are disabled in the drop down menu. It's a shame that such a simple detail was ignored. Second no matter what password you choose (Alfa numerical and digits as suggested by the app) the app will say your chosen password is invalid. So unless you already have an online account with Alfa, there's no way you can register through this app. Once you finally login, the app doesn't provide any services that are of any use. The Free SMS feature gives you an error 9 out of 10 times. You're unable to see your outstanding bill for the previous months let alone your last issued bill. It only shows you your current bill as per the start of your last cycle. This handle qualified as 'bill inquiry' as the app states. As far as 'gaining full control over your Alfa account' as the app claims, the reality is far from it. Its a shame that Alfa believed this qualifies as a functioning app.

Very poorly done

A very cheap application MTC Touch has a much better application. The Alfa application does not allow you to put your birthday before the day you are in, you put a password like They ask still it doesn't work. No wonder mtc has that much more clients.

Best ever

I like it so much so keep up the good work alfa.

nice but

nice app but it takes too long to load the data !!


Very nice good work

Nice keep up!

Hope you won't abandon the app once you're done with it

Good App!!!

It's easy to use, but too many unimportant services makes me puke!!!


Very interesting app and features: simple design, registration from the app, quick access to my Alfa products and account. No more 111 ....keep up the good work

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